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Boston Commercial Real Estate For Independent Investors

Commercial real estate in Boston is experiencing a major boom right now. For those entering the commercial real estate field, things can be a bit overwhelming. Everything from small family homes on up to store fronts and high rises are available to be purchased, sold, rented, or even built from the ground up. Boston commercial real estate investors need a good place to start, in order to start or expand Read More

Boston Merchant Cash Advances: Boosting Sales For Seasonal Businesses

In one month, businesses are going to see a yearly influx of sales. For local entrepreneurs, this means stocking up on supplies, getting advertising ready, and possibly hiring temporary workers to handle customers. Boston merchant cash advances are being used my local businesses to make sure this season is more successful than others. Getting A Head Start With Boston Merchant Cash Advances Boston merchant cash advances are being used by Read More

Boston Rental Properties: Things To Know Before Investing

Boston rental properties are very lucrative investments for local commercial real estate investors. However, not all properties are the same, and there are a few things you should keep in mind before purchasing Boston rental properties. Boston Rental Properties Are All About Location The old axiom of “Location! Location! Location!” comes into play heavily with Boston rental properties. As a property investor, you have to decide who your tenants will Read More

Boston Business Financing: When Banks Are Not An Option

Boston business financing is not easily secured in the current economic landscape. Banks have prohibitively high requirements, which prevent new and small businesses from qualifying for loans. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs turn to funding operations out of pocket, when traditional Boston business financing is not available. However, there are flexible and affordable Boston business financing options available when banks are not in the picture. Boston Business Financing To Improve Cash Flow Read More

Boston Owner Occupied Properties: A Lucrative Investment

Boston owner occupied properties are on the rise. Part of the reason is that Boston owner occupied properties do very well as rentals. Another reason is how easy it is to finance Boston owners occupied properties, as well as the tax benefits they offer. Boston Owner Occupied Properties As Rentals Boston owner occupied properties usually fall into two categories. The first is a multifamily rental property, where the owner lives Read More

Boston Asset Based Lending Solutions For Growth-Focused Businesses

Boston Asset Based Lending solutions are rising in popularity as an alternative to traditional debt-based lending structures. After all, Boston ABL solutions promote growth, preserve credit ratings, and can be used by local businesses across all industries. However, since most lending channels do not offer flexible Asset Based Lending solutions in the Boston, Massachusetts area, not many entrepreneurs are aware of the benefits. What Are Boston ABL Solutions? ABL, or Read More

Invoice Factoring For Boston Businesses: Improving Cash Flow

Invoice factoring for Boston businesses has been able to improve cash flow across all industries, while simultaneously promoting growth. Over the past year alone, more Boston-based businesses are switching to invoice factoring instead of taking out loans to get access to working capital. How Invoice Factoring Works For Boston Businesses With traditional bank loans, requirements for business owners are frequently very high. If the requirements are met, the loan process Read More

Boston, MA Multifamily Rental Properties Are On The Rise

In Boston, MA multifamily rental properties are overtaking the demand for single family rentals. This is great news for local commercial real estate investors. The reasons for the attraction to Boston, MA multifamily rental properties are numerous, but there are some major ones which are in line with national trends. Boston, MA Multifamily Rental Properties Make Economic Sense Just a few years ago, the single family rental market was still Read More

Purchase Order Financing In Boston, MA: The Solution For Rapid Growth

Gaining a strong foothold in Boston, MA can be challenging for new and small business owners. For various reasons, taking out traditional loans and the debt that comes with them may not be in the picture. Fortunately, using purchase order financing in Boston, MA offers a viable solution without the entanglements of debt-based financing. How Businesses Use Purchase Order Financing In Boston, MA When business owners use purchase order financing Read More

When To Use Bridge Loans For Commercial Real Estate In Boston, MA

Purchasing commercial real estate in Boston, MA for such things as fix and flip projects, or renovations, is usually a multi-stage process. While larger financing is still being processed, there are still more immediate expenses which need to be met. In order to pay off these time-sensitive financial obligations, investors purchasing commercial real estate in Boston, MA use bridge loans. What Are Bridge Loans For Commercial Real Estate In Boston, Read More