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Boston Commercial Real Estate For Independent Investors

Commercial real estate in Boston is experiencing a major boom right now. For those entering the commercial real estate field, things can be a bit overwhelming. Everything from small family homes on up to store fronts and high rises are available to be purchased, sold, rented, or even built from the ground up. Boston commercial real estate investors need a good place to start, in order to start or expand their portfolios. Consider Your Level Of Experience With Commercial Real Estate Few Boston commercial real estate investors have experience with large scale construction. Most make very lucrative careers out of Read More

Boston Merchant Cash Advances: Boosting Sales For Seasonal Businesses

In one month, businesses are going to see a yearly influx of sales. For local entrepreneurs, this means stocking up on supplies, getting advertising ready, and possibly hiring temporary workers to handle customers. Boston merchant cash advances are being used my local businesses to make sure this season is more successful than others. Getting A Head Start With Boston Merchant Cash Advances Boston merchant cash advances are being used by more local businesses as an alternative to bank loans. Merchant cash advances are an infusion of working capital which can be arranged quickly. Unlike traditional loans, Boston merchant cash advances Read More

Boston Rental Properties: Things To Know Before Investing

Boston rental properties are very lucrative investments for local commercial real estate investors. However, not all properties are the same, and there are a few things you should keep in mind before purchasing Boston rental properties. Boston Rental Properties Are All About Location The old axiom of “Location! Location! Location!” comes into play heavily with Boston rental properties. As a property investor, you have to decide who your tenants will be, and how much time you are willing to put in managing those properties. Fortunately, Boston rental properties are available for all audiences. Students are always looking for off campus Read More

Boston Business Financing: When Banks Are Not An Option

Boston business financing is not easily secured in the current economic landscape. Banks have prohibitively high requirements, which prevent new and small businesses from qualifying for loans. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs turn to funding operations out of pocket, when traditional Boston business financing is not available. However, there are flexible and affordable Boston business financing options available when banks are not in the picture. Boston Business Financing To Improve Cash Flow Cash flow is integral to the success of any business. When custom invoices go unpaid, a strain can occur. In these cases, accounts receivable financing can put things back on Read More